Hotel-restaurant De Kroon is located in the heart of Brasschaat, the village of parks, just north of Antwerp, 15 minutes from the port of Antwerp. De Kroon indulges its classy hotel, fine restaurant and cozy pub. De Kroon is indeed well known for its convivial ambience allowing for any kind of conversation.

The place probably originates from 1797 when this was a stage-coach stop, hence the Dutch name “afspanning” (=enclosed area with an inn and horse stables). Travelers and their horses could rest, eat and drink and even stay overnight. They would then continue their trip with fresh horses.

Over the years, De Kroon became a nice café with culinary ambitions. Two hundred years later, De Kroon is still a meeting place for young and old, also because of its authentic character. Please contact us for information about parties and meetings.
Hotel-Restaurant De Kroon

Bredabaan 409
2930 Brasschaat

T.: +32(0)3 652 09 88
F.: +32(0)3 653 25 92

Mon to Sun starting from 7h until 22h, Sat and Sun from 8h until 22h
Kitchen open until 22h00